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Here you can update the Clubs Website. Designated Club Members can make changes to the Team Selection Sheets and League Tables. These can also be printed, emailed or downloaded.

This system uses Google Sheets, which is a simplified version of Microsoft Excel. The Clubs Google Sheets can be accessed and modified using the buttons below.

Please do not share these pages with anyone other than team selectors.

Note: You do not need to save any changes, as the system saves automatically. When you are finished editing a sheet just close the window.

Team Sheet 1

Team Selection Sheet 1 – 4X4, 3X4, InterClub Trophies, Belvoir League & Saturday Federation

Team Sheet 2

Team Selection Sheet 2 – LCBC, Corson, Rushcliffe Trophy & Friendlies


Once the values have been filled; Select the points column (F), at the top click “Data” and select the second option: “Sort sheet by column F, Z -> A”.

This will sort the teams into order with the highest points at the top.

If you make a mistake you can select from, the top toolbar “Edit > Undo”.